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Over heated, no coolant..

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I drove out of town today about 73 (1h 15min) miles and truck was fine. I arrive at my destination for my job and at the end of the day I start to drive home, upon waiting at the gas station while talking on my phone ( illegal to talk on phone while driving ) my truck over heated. I shut it off and let it cool for about 30 minutes, and turned the heater on full blast and started to head home half way home the service engine light came on. The temp gauge was at the middle of C and H like normal. I get home and let the truck cool for a few hours and pop the radiator cap and check the reservoir. To my surprise its completely empty, and you can see down into the radiator. I added some coolant to the reservoir maximum level and drove it around town and it started to climb abit again and then level off. I haven't checked the level again as I am letting it cool down.

Have I messed anything up running it without any coolant? It never reached H when I was driving it tonight. However I am concerned how I have absolutely zero coolant and I didn't see any traces off it on the ground or around the engine..

Do I add coolant to the radiator and then the reservoir? I always though to fill the reservoir up and let it pump coolant and add more if needed.

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The gas cap will set the light but the knock sensor won't. The cap is considered an emissions part. I'm the family mechanic and I get calls all the time saying my light is on. I ask when was the last time you filled up. If it's recent I tell them to make sure the cap is tight. 9 times out 10 that's all it takes. Welcome to bad KS club.
Check for cracks or loose vacum lines in the evap and vent lines. Sometimes if it can't get pressurized it will throw the code as well.
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