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Out of USA Accessories

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Why is it other countries have the coolest accessories for the Frontier/Navara? I know, I know, liability issues. But, for instance, Nissan Australia has the kewlest bumper and snorkel kit I've ever seen:

Nissan Navara Ute: Prices, Parts, Accessories, Photos, Specifications

or Nissan UK has a bed roll-over bar that looks maw-volous:

Nissan cars, vans, fleet and services

Nissan Thailand has signal mirrors:

Nissan - Parts and Service
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I do like the signal mirrors. But i prefer my shrock bumper and would rather have a bar a little more off road status.
I dig the alloy bull bar in the first link, that thing is bad looking.

I also agree on the signal mirrors too, and how about that toolbox that looked like some kind of plastic molded piece.
dang those are some cool stuff. my fav was in the first link
... or what about the interiors like this one from Europe (check out the auto dual zone HVAC, the gas tank lock switch to the right of the side mirror controls and what looks like headlight level control to the left of the mirror control). Also, I can't figure it out, but there's a bunch more left side steering wheel buttons than on mine; I wonder what they do????

or the headlight washers from Portuguese Navaras:

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anyone know if those signal mirrors would be plug and play?
Prolly not... But its not that hard to run wires and tap into your turns! All the speaker wires and junk run through the doors.
But how hard would it be to put the diesel motor in a US truck?
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