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Other header and cam options

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Dont know if you looked up these companies.
I'm a big fan HKS and Tomei. I have used both on my Skyline.

EXPREME Z33 VQ35 Exhaust Manifold Ver.2



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$1000 and 15hp = $66.67per hp dt shorties are $28.33 per hp and the long tubes are $20.00 per hp. Thats a massive difference.
lol a stillen sc kit, if you figure the realistic 65hp comes in around $61/hp........ Fyi:)
Man dont get so wound up, its only the internet...and lots of good points. Remember too that many companies get their kits, parts etc made by a handfull of manufacturers. Theyre only the reseller with their name on it...just like GE and RCS. They go down the same assembly line, some get GE name and others get RCA..but the RCA are way more money...magnuson makes the sc kit for stillen, AND ON N ON. In the end you have to decide if the cost/return is worth it "to you"
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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