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Other header and cam options

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Dont know if you looked up these companies.
I'm a big fan HKS and Tomei. I have used both on my Skyline.

EXPREME Z33 VQ35 Exhaust Manifold Ver.2



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holy freaking over priced headers! you can get dt long tubes and still have like $400 left to put towards something else. both stillen and dc sports short tubes are almost half the price of that so for that price those things better make atleast 40hp to be worth it
hand held programmers have limits, uprev doesn't so you can continue retuning for everything you add to your truck. throw a set of cams in your motor and a handheld isn't going to be able to do anything for you. those headers don't have unlimited potential they still follow the same principals as any other header. if they use good metals and do good bends and welds there really isn't much more "quality" that can go into it than any other company isn't doing? i just don't see the justification of price per hp over the other options
$1000 and 15hp = $66.67per hp dt shorties are $28.33 per hp and the long tubes are $20.00 per hp. thats a massive difference.
so stillen, dc sports, brian crower, ect are "unknown" parts. being in japan will give you different options than living in the states. whats "unknown" there is mainstream market here and vice versa. what popular there may not be popular here. people here in the states will tell you what to do and not to do too that doesn't really make it any more or less right or wrong. when it comes down to it buy the part with the best value, i have only ever had to replace one aftermarket header and it wasn't a quality issue. make sure its a good material with good welds, if two products have the same qualities paying more because a company thinks their name is worth more is a waste of money. hell by buddy wanted an intake for his mazda so i did the research and found that for $60 he could have an exact replica injen intake shipped to his door for $170 less than than the injen. every weld and the fittment was perfect the only thing it didn't have was an injen badge on it and an injen filter, so we ordered a dryflow and threw the cheap one it came with in the trash, total price for intake and filter, about $120 still making ti $110 cheaper than injen and its the exact same thing. research the product not the name.
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People are talking about the crower cams and I chime in with a slew of camshaft options from a company I haven't seen much of on this board. I posted something different from my experience overseas and get bashed because it doesn't make 15 more horses at idle and cost 3 easy payments of $99.95.
The cams get ignored because I defend the cost of headers.

Keep buying knock off parts and then wonder why no one makes anything for the VQ40DE.
even the cams are over priced compared to other options though not as bad as the headers by far but no one makes stuff for the vq40 because its a limited app motor, its only in this truck and pretty much anything that fits an hr vq35 will fit a vq40 it will just take uprev to tune for it
lol a stillen sc kit, if you figure the realistic 65hp comes in around $61/hp........ Fyi:)
$50-$60 per hp tends to be the going rate for an FI kit. back when the greddy tt kit for the 350z first came out it was a bit on the high price side and ended up being around $75 per hp. the price for it has dropped like $2000 since it came out though and with injectors and a tune its pretty easy to get roughly 200whp over stock from it
That was what my knock off comment was about.
What company will spend time, effort, man hours and money to design something that another company will reverse engineer? The other company will change something minor and mass produce in China for a fraction of the cost.
People go out to get the cheapest stuff and wonder why parts for their vehicle don’t exist. Who will do the above for a small portion of consumer enthusiasts that will complain about the price and then want the knock off version anyway?

What other company offers that many cam options?

Most of those "Jap headers" are not made in Japan. They are made in China or Thailand.
the thing about intakes is how much r&d is really put into the average intake. they bend some pipe weld on a maf mount and throw on a filter. hop on a dyno and see what they got. the real r&d is already done, a long long time ago, you pay for the name on the sticker. intakes cost what they do because people will pay it blindly, why charge less if you know you can get it. its like the music industry, they act as if the masses are taking food off the tables of these artists because they download their music for free when the reality is they might not be able to buy that new version of the bugatti veyron and the only reason they make that money in the first place is because we blindly throw it at them and enough people always will at least enough for them to get that 4th Ferrari or one of the boats i used to build. in just the way that the parts will always exist, if the people want it enough it will be made. like it or not the market is bases off supply demand and competition. many of the major companies today got their start reverse engineering someone elses product, then the more people buy from them the more they can charge then you start paying for the name. and the big name brand jap companies have their run of crap products too. HKS had the worst quality control that i've even seen when it came to their Hi Power exhaust for the 350z, an h pipe with a cross over tube that on some of them protruded into the main pipes almost fully blocking them off. look it up on sent back 2 systems that had the same crap then got my money back and bought the copy of that exhaust that was cheaper and has much much better quality than the hks one. but hey if you would rather have the hks name you can take the poor performing crap built exhaust, and i'll take the better built fully functioning exhaust instead of the legendary hks name. when it comes down to it the best product for the price wins. there are little companies that make great stuff and some make crap and the same goes for the big names
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this is a forum, by definition a place of discussion and idea exchange, you not being bashes it's a discussion and nothing personal is ment to be taken from it. im not saying that cheaper is always better or that expensive is always worthless it all goes both ways. everyone voiced their opinion on the price and that sparked a discussion one that if you are in some way offended by i'm sorry, no need to take it to heart
I hear you man.

You bought the knock off solely because it was a cheaper product. I understand and agree that there really is not much high tech in an intake pipe. But by doing so, it advocates and promotes design stagnation by not caring about the company that really did the work.
whats good for one can be bad for another, alot of the big guys started out the same way, by under cutting the competition with pretty much the same product. the boat shop i used to work for got in business by buying a boat from the competition copying the hull for the most part and making small changes. started out cheaper than the competition but got bigger and bigger made a name for themselves and got some world championships under the belt and ended up one of the more expensive top names in the industry.

helping out the little guys from time to time is how you keep the big guys in check. forces them to step up there product to keep the business
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