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Scraped up the driver side front bumper (right in "front" of the front wheel) not paying attention earlier this week in a parking garage. Instead of having a shop take the bumper off, sand it down, prime it, paint it, clear it, etc. and wreck my otherwise flawless factory paint, I was thinking I'd just install a set of Fender Flares or, as they are sometimes called, Wheel Arch Moldings. Problem is, they are all FAR too bulky and ugly in my opinion, based on what I can find online (which is very limited).

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for slim/low profile Fender Flares in black? No fake bolt-on stuff, no fake rivets, nothing for swampers. Just clean, simple, black, low profile fender flares. Something along the lines of what the factory is putting on the new Rogues for example.

Other options welcome.

The ride is a 2016, crew cab, long wheel base, long bed.

Please help!

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I've been looking, and I can't even find *any* fender flares that claim to fit anything >2014. I think that is probably the year we switched to the plastic front bumper, but I'm not sure how much that would actually affect fit. They would probably fit okay, but I don't want to pay ~$500 to find out (and I think that's an insane price for 4 pieces of molded plastic).

Regardless, as far as I can tell these are the only options for fender flares on a second gen at all. I too wish for a lower profile fender flare that's confirmed to fit with the plastic front bumper, but at this point I'm fairly certain it doesn't exist.
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