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Opinions on 2 wheels

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I kinda like all 3 of these wheels. Which do you like better. Just trying to see what people have for opinions. an Enkei of some sort, 2. is an Outlaw Buckshot, 3. Enkei-RT6


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Buckshots all day
Of those three rims, number 3 (the Enkei) hands down no competition imo.
Those buckshots look too busy for me, but the RT6 looks the best out of the three.
3 if that's all I get to choose from, but to me it's not that different from stock - fairly thick solid spokes.

For a gray truck, I'd probably go for something with more black than silver.

(My truck is white and I don't know what would look better than stock)

But that's just me,
Enkei's all the way, but the first one also looks like the liquid metal magmas that also come with gray spokes, what I had on my truck
I really like the RT6. I actually almost bought a set for my Titan. I also really like the buckshot but I may be bias...
Of those three rims, number 3 (the Enkei) hands down no competition imo.
i totally agree for two reasons
i have enkei's on my evo love them
and they look so much cleaner.
I like number 1 the best. Number 3 looks to plain and boring to me and the buckshots are too busy.
number 1 looks ricey.
1 for a street truck and 2 for an offroad truck
I like either #1 or #3. #2 is definately to buisy. IMO I prefer alot of space between the spokes. 1 or 3, I'd be happy with either. What is the price difference?
I like the Enkeis and looked into buying a set but was told they wouldn't fit.
The Buckshots definitely look off-road but have fun cleaning them.
I'd have to see them on the truck, but it'd be between 1 and 3.
i don't like any of them, but the third rim is the least hideous.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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