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OME kit questions

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I want to get the OME kit.

AFAIK, the medium spring rate lifts it 1.5" front and 2.0+ rear. Right?

With a HD front spring, the truck will sit level, I think. HD front springs are too stiff without front winch/bumper, I suppose?

What would be the best way to have 2.0" front lift w. the medium springs.

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what truck do you have?
2010 Frontier SE 4x4 manual. Sorry. should fill out my profile.... :)
2010 Frontier SE 4x4 manual. Sorry. should fill out my profile.... :)
Thanks, just one more question. Is it a CC or KC? (just want to know since the CC tend to be slightly shorter in the front and you want your truck to sit level). On my truck, it was about 1.75 - 2.0 shorter in the front stock.

I read the HD springs add about 1.5 as well. Vehicles without a heavy load front bumper/winch, will be a little higher. HD are for additional load capacities. The other springs, light, medium, will provide approx. 1.5 as well. They all cost about the same as well.

You might consider getting HD in the front to get 2.0.

Why OME or..
Have a budget for this? Might be other ways to achieve what you want :)
I once had an OME kit on my Defender and liked it (although I switched to Koni RAID dampers later).
I'm not a big fan of Body lifts or "spacer" lifts.

I'd really like to get the Koni RAID Dampers. They are available from Koni for D40s, but I don't know about the availability here in the US.

This is a comparison of standard Patrol shocks and the Koni RAID:

Best, toughest shocks I ever had.
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Oh well. Either I will have a uncomfortable front end or I need a .5" spacer for the front...
Oh well. Either I will have a uncomfortable front end or I need a .5" spacer for the front...
I honestly don't know where you would even order OME stuff for the truck. I saw your in DE, so figured you had a contact there, but sounds like your state side now.
Why not these?

They are adjustable, give you what you want, good ride.
You can order OME stuff from any ARB dealer. That's not the problem.

Does anybody have experience with front HD OME springs, original bumper and no winch?
Is the HD really that stiff?
Doc -

If its ok with you, mind posting up what you pay for the front coils/struts, if you end up going with OME? Pics as well sir!
I am interested in seeing some of the same info. I would eventually like to upgrade my front suspension to OME. Coilovers are overkill for me as I would never adjust them once they were set and they need to be rebuilt periodically from what I have read (have used on cars before, similar idea).

My understanding is the front lifts it 1.5" and the rear is 2". To level it out you would probably need at least a 1" spacer in the front as the truck sits about 1" lower factory. The OME kit would probably increase the rake even more. That is my concern.

Wonder if you could use OME lift springs on Bilsten adjustable struts set at 1". That would give you apprx 2.5"s of lift theoretically.
I will post infos and pics of the kit when I have it.

I think I will go for medium front and rear and use a .5 or 1" spacer to level it. I don't mind it being a little bit higher on the backend. That's normal.
bumping an old *** thread (sorry in advance)

Thanks guys i found this to be very helpful as I too do not need a massive lift or coil overs for the fronty. I would like the truck to sit higher in the front and possibly level but due to the hunting seasons and towing a leveled out stance is not ideal for me, so all has helped out tons.

is 4x4parts the best pricing in the house as I am looking at replacing shocks all around too but they didn't have the kit i was looking for (5100 front, HD rears, OME spring and AALs) i calculated $530 before shipping.
I would check out the new TJM/Bilstein combo from Nisstec. A few people have installed them and seem to like it.
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