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Hey guys, I signed up a little while back and failed to itro myself. I've had two WD21s (one is still here) and a T30 in the past. Been a regular poster before at Nissan Forums and the 4x4parts boards. I recently sold off my 2003 Skoda Octavia and bought a 2011 D40 Navara LE CC 4x4 QM1. YD25DDTi engine with 6 M/T and stock rear LSD. It`s currently in the garage alongside my 07 Mitsu Triton, 07 Hilux SR5, & the before mentioned WD21.

I've been having some fun reading the boards for the past few days learning about Titan L & UCAs, VK56DE swaps, and Radflo coilovers. Spewing bad thoughts into my mind :laugh:

Thanks again for the great community and the wealth of info.

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Thx for the welcome guys :hi:

Welcome to the club. Nice to see another Navara owner. I'm sure the aussie guys will take notice.
Yeah I have some good friends from Oz since I was on the local T30 boards. Ran into one a while back on the Triton boards for example.

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welcome! how do you like navarra over the triton? i wonder why we dont have that spaceship here i kinda like it.

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welcome! how do you like navarra over the triton? i wonder why we dont have that spaceship here i kinda like it.
Thx for the welcome :) Sadly my Triton is a 4D56 Hyper Common Rail with an auto tranny, while the Navara has a manual with the YD High Power. The year I bought the Triton, the 4M41 VGT was not on sale. It was only offered last year for one batch of trucks, and again discontinued locally for 2010 :(

However if I disregard the transaxle differences and compare both trucks I would have to give the D40 advantages in the following:

1. A rear suspension that absorbs bumps better.
2. Higher payload and towing capacity thanks to the chasis and bed designs.
3. Rear windows that go all the way down.
4. A center locking system that does not automatically open every door lock.
5. Rear leg room.
6. Door panel material.
7. Front seat comfort.
8. Center armrest position.
9. Easier radio access.
10. Remote gas filler opener button instead of a pullout lever.
11. More cubbyholes and far more useable.
12. Stronger tailgate skin and rear bumper.
13. Smaller steering wheel.
14. Two gloveboxes.
15. Multiple grab handles for easy entrance, exit.
16. Rear differential finned cover.
17. Interior courtesy and dome light positioning (especially useful over the rear seats).
18. Standard honking alarm.

Advantages to the Triton:

1. Better steering feel and front suspension bump absorption.
2. Nicer standard wheels.
3. Fender flares.
4. Non invasive running boards (don't stick out of the body like the D40 nerf bars).
5. Better headlight and fog light illumination.
6. Electric, sliding cab window with one touch up & down operation.
7. Lower edge of the bed doesn't get pelted with rocks by the tires.
8. Rear inner fender urethane covers.
9. Third brake light placement.
10. Upholstery.
11. Rear armrest with molded in cupholders.
12. Dash design and instrumentations (including compass, trip, fuel, outside temperature, etc).
13. Leather wrapped and contrast stitched steering wheel, shift & transfer case knobs.
14. Auto light switch off.
15. Antenna (placement & design)

Thos are some out of the top of my head. If I had included the Hilux it would read somewhat differently in some points. However in driveability on and off road both trucks have their ups and downs. The Triton is more relaxed around the city thanks to the auto and has nice pickup if you keep it in the correct gear. If you don't the turbo lags, and at the top end the engine gets really noisy without giving any oomph. I like switching to low gear and later 4L on the super select and it crawls alonmg nicely. Pretty good rear articulation, but the front needs better shocks since it feels softly sprung and not much travel even on stock sized tires. The rear leafs also constantly creak even after they have been changed multiple times under warranty.

Haven't had a real chance to fool around off road with the D40 but on fast, loose gravel roads it seems to be good at soaking small to medium bumps. I'm not planning on doing any extreme wheeling with it, but I'll probably add some Radflos in the front from Greg to equalize rake and give a little more front end droop and travel.
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