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well i'm new to this site but not a new owner. I bought an 06 LE new way back when in early 06. after a few years was googlin some of its problems and stumbled on the site. Great deposit of information. i guess thats why i thought i'd join. Not a serious frontiersman but i liked the truck and so far am very happy with it. have had a couple of problems that i see others in the forums have also had. I hope that i can learn a lot from others experiences and maybe add a little value to the cause myself.

I'm down in south MS for the first 4 years had quite a commute for work and now at the end of the 4th year of ownership, just passed the 100 thousand mile mark.

some things that really stood out about the truck, the tires. the factory tires rode with me for 96k miles. i thought that was pretty good. i thought id change them before they blew, but i still wonder how many more miles i'd have gotten out of them.

so far the worst thing which is not that bad, yet, is the wobbliness in the steering wheel and column.

all around, i think its a good truck, i came from a 98 sonoma, and before that a 90 s-10, was ready for a bigger truck but not a full size. this is the perfect compromise. 4 doors, maneuverable and just enough power to do all that i feel comfortable doing, towing wise. its a good worker and commuter.
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Welcome. If I recall correctly there was an issue with a bearing in the steering column. I will go look and verify it.

I just went to | All About Nissan and couldn't find it. I still think this was a known occurance. Can anyone here confirm this for me or correct me?

yea, i know i've read a thread here about it, but it was dated back to 06 or 07, if it's not closed ill go post on that thread. It looks like the st wheel is pulled out about 1/2 to 3/4 inches and there is some scratching sound in the column during turns, some of the time. the wobble only seems to affect the upper column and wheel. it doesnt seem to wobble at first start up though. i did find a serv bulletin NTB07-014a that mentions a new replacment part, vice the entire column. will keep looking and plan to break out the haynes manual to actually see what is not right in there. thanks for the info. i didnt know aobut, another good resource.
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