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Hey All!
I am getting my truck back! I gave it to my college kid and he is coming back and I am giving him my Ford Focus so I get the Frontier Back! She's got 200K on her now. A new transmission, radiator, tires and now needs CATs.:frown:
However, I am going to give her the "ol' right there Fred" (Bill Burr regference) and she will be my daily driver again.
So, I need advice. If you remember me 1.) you are old and 2.) you know I was a street truck type of guy. However, I want to level her out. What is a good kit for just leveling up the front on a 2WD NISMO CrewCab?
I found these....Thoughts?
2" Blk Front Leveling Lift Kit 2WD 4WD Nismo PRO Fits 2005-2016 Nissan Frontier | eBay
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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