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Old Man Emu kit - what size tires?

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Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with fitting 32 or 33" tires with an OME lift? ARB/OME reckon about 30mm front and 40mm rear lift :) I'm running 265/70-17's now with no issues on a stock D40 Navara :)

Edit: My bad, just read the sticky. Seems the lift won't allow me to run anything bigger than the 265/70-17's I have :) If anyone has any experience that says otherwise let me know!
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If you don’t have a bumper, winch etc I’d just do the medium coil. The HD coils are really stiff even with the bumper/winch, I’ve been thinking about swapping to the mediums to see how they ride. The coils aren’t super expensive anyway.

GMK14 I just looked at your pictures the last one showing the coil n shock I have question about the set up on yours why does it look like in pic that the shock shaft with the bushing cup is about 2" too long it looks like the shaft is through the mount here's a pic of mine I just took I'm running the heavy 806's also just with Bilstiens it might have something to do with your ride your feeling I am very happy running the 806's with the steel winch plate bumper


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