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Oil Pressure Gauge

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I searched and think I found my answer but just want to make sure

In my 05 Frontier my oil pressure gauge pegged out high after I locked my keys in truck with ignition on but motor not running and before this incident it was working fine so is my oil pressure sender shot? I dont want the dummy gauge I liked mine that has a better moving reading
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got mine repaired today, mine now works again and doesnt look like the dummy one. my guage dropps down the about 1/4 when the truck warms up an at idle. before that its about at half, and pressing gas brings it up a bit.
I recently replaced mine at 91K miles (05 KC NISMO)
so is this a yes I need to get a new sending unit?
I just replaced mine. It is called a OIL PRESSURE SENSOR by Nissan. It costs like $60 and takes ten mins to replace. My gauge works like before now.
where exactly is the sensor located on the motor?
Anyone with a newer truck ever replace this sensor with the 05 unit to see if it makes the gage work right?
Are there different part numbers for a sendor for an '05 vs an 06+?
So nobody can tell me where on the motor the sensor is?
i picked up the sensor finally off back order so where is it located at on the motor?
page 7.


not the in cab dash guage but the actual sensor on the motor
not the in cab dash guage but the actual sensor on the motor
...its on page 7.
Found it took some pictures I'll post later for others to refrence just my luck the biggest socket I have is a 22mm and its too small looks like I'll be socket hunting later
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