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Just want to say hello to all. I've had my 05 Frontier CC SE for 4 months now and have been hanging out at TUNFS. I didn't know this forum was around till I clicked on a link from TUNFS. And what more surprised me is M4ck is the moderator because I'm a Senior Member at Club Armada. I own a 2004 Armada LE 4x4 and I purchased my 05 Fronty this past May to do the dirty work for my Mada'. I'll post Pics Soon!!!

04 Armada LE 4x4 Fully Loaded No Nav. (Gas Guzzler and trip vehicle)

05 Frontier CC SE (In Between vehicle), Added Side Steps, Bug Gaurd, Splash Gaurds, OEM Fogs and switch stalk and Airbox Mod. Also my wifes car and also so I don't get the Mada' dirty when going to Home Depot.

99 Saturn SL2 (Gas Saver) My car for work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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