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So after looking around and reading through some different threads I finally figured out what I felt would be the easiest way to remove a Nissan OEM Utilitrack toolbox. It involves removing the rear 2 track pieces from the bed of the truck, removing the toolbox, then putting the tracks back on. Or vis-versa to install.

Tools Needed:
Socket Wrench
T40 Hex/Torx Bit
7/16 Wrench or Socket
Drill (optional but will be faster)

My steps are for REMOVAL, so follow them in reverse order for Installation.

NOTE: If you need to have your bed extender brackets in the bed be sure to mount them before you put the toolbox on the tracks, or before you re-install the rear Utilitrack.

1. Remove everything from the toolbox. Make it easier on yourself now....

2. With you T40 Hex bit begin removing the bolts that attach the tracks to the bed. The holes are threaded so don't worry about not being able to get it back on, you'll be fine.

a. There will be some washers that fall as you remove the bolts, so don't misplace them.

3. Remove all of the bolts on the rear 2 track pieces. (the ones closer to the tailgate)

4. Unlock you toolbox and slide it forward and off of the tracks. This is where it being empty helps prevent damage.

5. Now when it comes to removing the toolbox be advised that the fit it tight! I had to twist the box towards the rear of the bed to get it out.

6. On the rear there are 2ea bumper stops (orange) and 2ea locks (red). Both are simply removed by loosening the 7/16" bolt and sliding them out of the tracks.

7. Now that you have the tool box out you can re-install the tracks. I installed the top bolts first very loosely, then used my finger to line up the lower washers with the threaded holes. Tighten them down nice and firm, but not too tight to damage the threads or break the bolts.

8. Drink beer and admire extra bed space (or new toolbox).

Hope this works well for you! I know you can take apart the toolbox track mounts from the inside, but the hardware on my 2007 toolbox was VERY tough to get off so I found it easier to go this route.

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Thanks for the write-up! The Nissan instructions are pretty bad so this is very helpful. I'm having a hard time figuring out how the "Anchor Plate" attaches to the "Wheel Assembly" and is still able to fit inside the utili-track.

As far as I can tell if I attach the Anchor Plate it's impossible to attach the wheel assembly to the utili-track (it's simply in the way).

Any one have any ideas?


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