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OEM Tonneau Cover Help

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I purchased a 2007 Frontier Crew Cab on eBay in September of last year. I came with an OEM Tonneau cover. I haven't had it on but decided to try it out for a while. It was pretty easy to put together but I can't figure out what holds it to the bed. It has 4 brackets (2 on each side) with holes in them but nothing I can see on the rail system that they attach to. Maybe I am missing some parts. Can anyone help me out, maybe with a picture or something to illustrate?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Nisfront :hi:
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i know this is an old post but i'm having the same issue, i bought a tonneau cover used from a guy and i think i'm missing the same parts that nisfront is missing. here is what my tonneau frame looks like just sitting on the bed rail. missing something im not sure what.

2012-01-30_13-03-20_512 (1) by brianbaker2012, on Flickr
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