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OEM Nissan 7 Pin Running Lights

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I'm running out of ideas here. I have the OEM 7 Pin trailer wiring kit. All hooked up correctly as far as I can tell. Brake lights and turn signals work but I have no running lights. This is verified by the test light. Checked the fuses under the hood, wiring on the frame looked OK, pulled the relays in the kick plate and swapped them and still nothing. I checked the wife's Xterra that has the same setup and hers works fine. I get a light on the tail lights, brakes, battery and turn signals.

It seems to me that I either have a blown fuse somewhere (all lights on the truck work) or the wire is broke, which seems odd since the brake lights work.

Anyone got any ideas here? Anyone ever have an issue like this with the factory hookup?
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Has it ever worked? I had one that was new and didn't work. Started following the wiring forward from the trailer plug. First plug had power at the wire. Looked in the connector and the pin was folded over.

But if it worked at any time, that rules out bad assembly. and you are looking for that fuse.
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