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OEM length Radflo 2.0s + KO's

Bought these last summer from Greg and after about 1,000 miles I decided they were too stiff for my measly stock 2wd. Took them off and Greg changed the valving up a tad (explains the older style valve cuz thats all he had on hand) to make them ride a little softer. Drove them for another 2,500 miles and decided to Titan swap because they were still too stiff for my 2wd. Do the math they have 3,500 miles on them. They have never been off road and I've got all the hardware for them (washers, nuts, spacers) Since they are in amazing condition I'm asking 650 shipped if you are east coast ish but I'm certainly up to hear offers. My zip is 30458. UPDATE: Greg said he would rebuild these to the stock specs so I'm going to ship them to you and he's gonna ship them to you. So pretty much your'e getting brand new coilovers.

Secondly I've got some 265/70R16 (stock for MOST 2nd gens) BFG KO's with a ton of tread left on them. Looking for 550 on those guys but they are up for negotiation. Those are really only for pickup unless you wanna ship it on your dime. I travel from Atlanta to Statesboro quite a bit so if you are on that I-16/75 route I'd meet you. These are worn evenly, no patches, rotated every 5,000, blah blah blah. I keeping them inside my garage and they have no dry rot.



1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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