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I had no idea that the OEM keyless entry remote can be used for two completely different vehicles.

A friend of mine has a 2010 Titan with a aftermarket alarm system. When his one and only remote crapped out he disconnected it and discovered his truck is equipped with the OEM security system. (He bought it used.)

He didn't have a OEM keyfob so I looked it up and found that the OEM keyfob for my 04 1st Gen is compatible with his 2010 Titan.

I gave him one of the extras that I have and while he's trying to program it, I keep hearing my doors locking and unlocking as I was working on my sons car.

I thought he was unsuccessful in his programming attempts but he thanked me and showed me that it worked for him. I told him to look at my truck and hit a button on his "new" keyfob. We get a chuckle that it's locking and unlocking both vehicles at the same time.

I grabbed all my other keyfobs and reprogram them to push his out of the rotation.

Just thought I'd share that story with y'all.
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