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OEM Headunit Swap Questions

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Enjoying my new Frontier so far. No issues either. However wanted to upgrade the headunit. I have a 2014 S Model Frontier with the stock cd player, bluetooth, and aux.

Wanted to see if I could swap it out with the SV Model / Titan headunit - 28185-9FM1A.

Found a few on ebay for less than a $100 and figured it would be a good upgrade.

Wanted to keep the OEM features of steering wheel controls and aux, but add the screen for a backup camera. The camera I'll add one later by following another post I found on this site.

Lastly, would I be able to install an OEM usb port into my truck to play music from a jumpdrive?

Overall I hope most of this just following wire diagrams and swapping out parts.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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