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OEM Fog Light Install Help Please

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I know this probably been covered many times. I have searched and have not been able find anything. I am new to the forum and don't think I have quite got the swing of how to navigate and find things on the forum yet. I just received the OEM fog light kit for my 2014 Frontier SV with the painted bumper. I downloaded the installation instructions, I have the new turn signal l switch in, the fog lamp inserts are removed and I have located the wiring harness. From what I can see there is no way to get the lights in where they need to go without removing some items. It shows an inner fender removal for the Pathfinder and the Xterra but, not the Frontier. What do I need to remove to get the lights in? The installation instructions are not very clear about how the lamps are held in place. It shows just one bolt going in and nothing else. The kit came with a bolt, a U-shaped nut and a spring clip for each side. If anyone can give me some guidance as to what I need to do to get access to the inner bumper and how the lights are actually held in that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for that link. It was exactly what I needed. It was easy to peel back the inner fender. Once you get in there with the help of one of the photos in that thread it is pretty easy to figure out where the spring clip, U-nut and bolt go. Everything looks and works as it should. I see there is an adjustment for the light. I checked to see if they both were shining at the same height. I am assuming that they are correctly adjusted from the factory since they know exactly what vehicles they are going on or should one check that before buttoning up the fender liners? Thanks.

I wouldn't assume they are set correctly for the factory, because there's too many different Frontier models these go on, not just one - 4x2, 4x4, base S, Pro-4X, Crew Cab, King Cab, SL, SV, etc. and I would bet that none of these are identical in terms of ride height, body angle, and so forth. Just leave the lowest 3 screws (2 underneath, 1 at the forward wheel well area) out, wait until it's dark out and find a flat wall you can park 25 feet away from (I usually use an underground parking structure, they always have flat walls with enough space and it's always dark enough) and check the angle there. Adjust if needed.
I know it's in the factory manual somewhere, but I did a quick Google search and this photo pretty much explains the method:

HOWEVER bear in mind the image shows how to adjust headlamps to 4" below headlamp center line at 25'... for fog lamps I'm sure there's a standard measurement too but personally I just prefer to adjust mine to the same height as fog lamp center line at 25'
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Does anyone know if this would work with Frontier S? I am looking at an '18 S but I want it to have fog lamps. Anyone have any info?
Yes it will work... search for "OEM fog lamps" for more info.
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