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odd tire wear

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Tires were actually at 32 psi cold (previous gauge faulty), which is apparently low enough to make this tire begin to wear on the outsides.

I just noticed that my left rear tire has heel-toe wear on the inside and outside blocks. The three middle rows (Goodyear Wrangler Adventure) do not exhibit any wear. All four tires are at 35 psi, and the other three do not show any wear at all. The set has ~150 miles on it. The factory tires, which had a little over 100 miles on them when pulled, did not show any wear, and the truck tracks true.

I haven't been off-road, struck/run-over anything, and haven't been in a wreck.

Any ideas?
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Do you still like the tires? I have the silent armor which is the precursor to the adventure but they are getting about done for after 70,000 miles.. Heard some not good things about the adventure compared to the silent armor. Also what did you pay for what size?
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