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Odd "bump" or jitter 07 5 speed

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Hello all! Great forum set up here looking forward to learning as much as I can!

My 07 frontier is behaving a little strange. I'm a marine mechanic and I'm overly observant of how my machines are running.

I bought this frontier 2 years ago with 190k kms on it. I've gotten it up to 220k now with no issues until now.

I had my throttle body go bad. No pedal response. I installed a brand new throttle body and the truck is driving just fine.

I'm however noticing a weird bump feeling coming from the truck occasionally. It isn't throwing any codes even with my meter plugged in it says all systems are clear.

It happens while I'm solidly in gear. Usually 3rd or 4th. With very little throttle applied.

The tac doesn't dip or wiggle when the truck bumps. It will idle all day just fine. Acceleration is fine everything is fine.

I just notice a little bump once and awhile it feels like the tires slipping and regaining traction but I don't think this is the case?

I am in the cold and snow so the roads are icy and slippery.

It almost feels like a miss fire however I have no codes on the computer?

I can't get it to do it on demand even blipping the throttle doest produce it.

Any ideas what could cause this? It's cold and the roads are long here with poor cell reception I really don't want to get stranded if I can prevent it.

Anyways thanks for reading I appreciate any input you guys may have!
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