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not the usual torsion bar question

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ok - i have my AC UCA and add a leaf lift and i want to install it this weekend. i've played around with my torsion bars in the past, so i know how to crank them, etc. the last time i played with the torsion bars, i took them out and reindexed them. i'm pretty sure i didn't get them even with each other, and i'd like to fix this when i install the lift kit.

my question is - is there some way to tell the stock position on the bars so i can put them at stock and then move them a few splines to allow for my UCA lift? a marker on the bar, perhaps? maybe a suggestion on how to do this?

any input is appreciated.
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cool - that would be great. sounds like the info i'm looking for.

ok - got the UCA's installed. i'd really like to get the t-bars cranked up properly, but i'm out of adjustment now, and i need to reindex. any advice?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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