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not the usual torsion bar question

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ok - i have my AC UCA and add a leaf lift and i want to install it this weekend. i've played around with my torsion bars in the past, so i know how to crank them, etc. the last time i played with the torsion bars, i took them out and reindexed them. i'm pretty sure i didn't get them even with each other, and i'd like to fix this when i install the lift kit.

my question is - is there some way to tell the stock position on the bars so i can put them at stock and then move them a few splines to allow for my UCA lift? a marker on the bar, perhaps? maybe a suggestion on how to do this?

any input is appreciated.
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Yes ride height and where to measure is one thing, but before you get to this point you should have them installed correctly. If they are installed a tooth off it is not the end of the world, the postion of the adjusters will just not be in the same place. Now if you are to far off you will not have enough adjustment. Install them with the front end sitting on the stops and the arms aligned in the same place on both sides. There is a dimension as to how far the centerline of the eye should be from the bottom of the frame but I don't remember what it is right off. Anyhow if they are both the same it will not matter much. Then simply adjust ride height, I believe the ride height is correct when the lower control arms are pretty much flat across. I think you measure to places then subtract, the difference should be the same for both sides. I will see if I can find the info.
It is done this way, check it out. Well I was going to try to send a link or copy and paste but it will not work. I think because it is a pdf file. Remove tension by loosening the adjusting nut. Raise lowerr arm against the stop. Adjust torsion bar by moving in splines til the link is at about 1" to 1 1/2" below crossmember. This dimension is not critical as long as both sides are the same. Tightne the adjusting nuts til the length from crossmember to top of bolt is 2 5/8". This should put in the neighborhood. Now the tricky part. Measure from the center of the lower control arm spindle and record, measure from the bottom of the steering stopper bracket and record. Now subtract the second measurement from the first. The difference for a 4x4 6cyl non SC is 1 3/4 - 2", for a 4x4 6 cyl w/SC is 1 1/2 - 1 5/8". Hope this helps.
^^^^ yes..........but I think you need not worry about measuring as mentioned above. When you get to tightening your tbars just measure to the same point of the frame on both sides of the truck until you are at the height you want and the truck is level. Thats what I do, I think its a little more intuitive
I think your method will increase tire wear. Also if you don't start out at the same place on both sides it will not be right if the measurement is the same.
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