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not the usual torsion bar question

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ok - i have my AC UCA and add a leaf lift and i want to install it this weekend. i've played around with my torsion bars in the past, so i know how to crank them, etc. the last time i played with the torsion bars, i took them out and reindexed them. i'm pretty sure i didn't get them even with each other, and i'd like to fix this when i install the lift kit.

my question is - is there some way to tell the stock position on the bars so i can put them at stock and then move them a few splines to allow for my UCA lift? a marker on the bar, perhaps? maybe a suggestion on how to do this?

any input is appreciated.
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re index again
^^^^ yes..........but I think you need not worry about measuring as mentioned above. When you get to tightening your tbars just measure to the same point of the frame on both sides of the truck until you are at the height you want and the truck is level. Thats what I do, I think its a little more intuitive
I think your method will increase tire wear. Also if you don't start out at the same place on both sides it will not be right if the measurement is the same.
Any adjustment of torsion bars result in change in camber and you should always do an alignment after installing components such as control arms to, including many other things, inhibit premature and unnecessary tire wear. Unless you wire up some pots to the the bolts on the torsion bar key bolts it is very difficult turn & tighten the torsion bars the same by counting rotations to obtain level ride height from driver side to pass side and and regardless you still have to measure from level/flat ground to the frame to properly set the ride height of the vehicle. If you really go protocol on this you adjust Tbars on the alignment rack and if I am wrong so are the ASE mechanics that do your alignment when you take a truck in.

If you adjusted your torsion bars your way and did not perform an alignment you will increase tire wear.
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