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so for days now ive had to start my truck by turning the key and holding it there for a while till it starts.a couple times it just didnt.
so what happens is you hear the truck winding up slowly at first. then it gets faster and louder. then finally it starts up violently shooting rpms up to 2.5.
or it just winds up slowly and never starts.
a friend and i made sure the battery was fully charged and the water level in battery was okay.
so does anyone has any idea what is going on cause getting to work today or tomorrow is key.


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i would looking into your grounds. and even though the battery may hold a charge it might not be good.
starter maybe but i dont have much experience with the starter.

throw some jumper cables on your truck and hooked to someones vehicle and see if its easier to start.
that may either point to the battery or ground.
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