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Thanks for posting this Shizzy.
It was an awesome weekend !!
Great people, Mud , Hills , Tree pin striping , Powerline trails , Deep woods not sure where we are trail's.

I will add to this thread when I get pics up-loaded.

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A couple of teaser pics ......

I will add to this thread a more detailed report as time allows.
Just a couple of pics.

Me in my truck "The Moose" tackling the obstacle course we made just outside of camp on the edge of a gravel pit.

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Midwest Overland Society

::smile::Thursday morning I started heading north from Minneapolis to Backus MN where the Midwest Overland Society was having there rally "Northwoods Rendezvous".
M.O.S. are a great group of like minded people interested in vehicle dependent travel.
Wanting to take some back roads, state forest minimum maintenance roads and DNR ORV trails I drove to the southern entrance of Foot Hills State Forest off 24.
Then proceeded to the DNR ORV/Jeep trails.

From there I popped out of the north end of the Foot Hills State Forest and proceeded to the Bull Moose Trail

Super fun road/trails with lots of giant mud puddles/pools.
Sorry not many pics , I was using my phone as a GPS with google earth.
From the Bull Moose trail I connected to the Pine Mountain Forest road.

The plan was to connect the end of the Pine Mountain Forest (thru what looked like a two track trail) to the another State Forest service road that would lead me near the camp.
Looking at this plan on google earth prior to leaving it looked possible but when I was nearing the end of Pine Mountain road, it was a two track trail at this point with some forks in the trail left and right. So I just went right leading into a very over grown two track swampy area with a large downed tree blocking the trail.
I took this tree as a sign to give up plan "A"
At this point it raining , I am solo , no winch or come-along , So I had to reverse for about a city block until I had enough room to do a 5-8 point turn to turn around and go back the way I came from.
I then proceeded on asphalt roads the the Horse Camp arriving day early for the event on Friday.

My plan is to sleep in the bed of my pick-up with the topper.
I am about 5'10" and I have a short bed pick-up .... It actually worked pretty good , I slept at an angle in the truck bed and Saturday night It got down to 45 degrees so I got to use my candle lantern in the bed of the pick-up to take the chill out of the air prior to sleeping.

Friday we worked on setting up the off-road obstacle course just outside of camp in an over grown gravel pit.
Cutting a path back into the woods behind the gravel pit with off camber hills, cutting up logs for obstacles and setting up cones.
Here is Craig/Jeep rubicon with RTT coming out of the woods on a pre-run test of the obstacle course.

Fortunately Shizzy took some pics of the Friday night trail run....I have none

Saturday we split into two groups for the morning trail ride , Shizzy was in group "A" and I was in Group "Z"

About half way thru the trail I got to do a recovery!
Steve in an lifted Isuzu Trooper + 35" tires (with a bad starter motor/had keep the engine running or else) stalled engine on the Trooper near the top of a rather steep hill.
They hooked up the Trooper to my truck, I engaged my rear diff lock and gave her hell , pulled the Trooper up the hill and I dug two big trenches in the dirt with my tires. It was freeking awesome.
Sorry no pics of the recovery but here is a pic of Steve's Trooper.

Towards the end of the trail run we ran into some ATV's and side-by-sides coming the opposite way on the trail.
It just so happen to be where a fallen tree was blocking the trail.
Fortunately one of the ATV guys had a chainsaw.

Going up a hill, clino-meter on dash reached number 2

The pinstriper's hard at work.


Somewhere along the trail ride we kind of got turned around (lost?)
Craig in his Jeep (trail leader)went ahead and scouted the trail while the rest of us in in group "Z" waited.
So of course I had to offer everyone some Nissan breath mints while we waited for Craig to radio back.

After the trail ride there where several informative seminars, Trip planning, High lift jack, cooking, communication.
Here is Sean / forrestderp giving a welding seminar.

After the seminars my truck "The Moose" tackled the obstacle course, I drove and Brendon rode shotgun.

Entering the course, Craig was spotting.

Coming around the back side

Craig Spotting , Me slightly un-nerved at the right hand off-camber and having to turn left.

Again turning left with the truck leaning right felt very unnatural.

Exiting back to the gravel pit down steep drop-off hit my rock sliders

Departure angle at the bottom of the drop-off scraped my re-bumper

And last part of the obstacle course position your front tire on top of a stump...I missed the stump on the first attempt.
Your wheels/tires are tucked in farther than you think. This was a good exercise.

Camp pic.... Tony , Tom and Forrest....I dont re-call Toms dogs name....

Got up early Sunday morning and made it back home with no problems.
Spent a good part of the day cleaning the truck.



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Nice one on the touch-less car wash.
Just for the heck of take your hand an reach under the upper arch of your rear wheel fender wheel well , there will be gobs of fun waiting for you.
Oh wait.... never mind you have a car as your daily driver.
Just call it good then.... its clean.
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