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NorCal CF Trucks & Coffee

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The last new thread in NorCal West about an offroad coffee meet in Roseville got me thinking - why don't we have an ongoing monthly Trucks & Coffee meet for the Bay Area?

I belong to two other car clubs with monthly meetings, and one of them meets at Mimi's Cafe in San Mateo every first Saturday of the month, where members kick tires in the parking lot, and have breakfast inside afterwards - this monthly event typically draws more than 30 cars, and close to 100 club members... talk about passionate people! Mimi's Cafe is a great spot for being fairly central to the Bay Area, large parking lot, decent food.

Not that we have to care about how many/who shows up to our meet. The purpose is to get to know fellow CF members, exchange information, do some tire-kicking in the parking lot, with breakfast afterwards if so desired; we can also have Tacoma-trashing sessions, if that's your cup of tea. All Frontiers are welcomed, meaning Gen 1, 2, 2WD, 4WD. If you have an X and just can't hold yourself back, fine.

What do people think? Maybe we can plan the first one in two weeks, Sunday 6/26, at say 10 AM at Mimi's Cafe in San Mateo? I'm not an early riser, especially on weekends, and I'd be coming from Santa Cruz. ::smile::
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I love this idea! I live in Vallejo so San Mateo would be just at the edge of my range but something like this would be cool.
Excellent! If you can come on 6/26, I'll be there. Hopefully more will join, but two's a start!
Sounds like fun... I may join you guys. You gonna have you bumper installed by then?
I hope so... I should get the bumper back from the powdercoater's next week, and it shouldn't take more than a couple of days to install; however, I'm installing a new set of headlights while the bumper's off, and am considering painting the front grille black; these may take some time, depending on how easy they come off/go on.
Is anyone available to go to this meetup this Sunday? If so, I'll happily oblige! My bumper's been installed, and headlights in place, so I'm once again mobile.

Please comment/post here so that I know if this is a go or not - NEW MEMBERS HIGHLY WELCOMED!!!
I can come to this meet, if the meet up is after 2PM (I work early Sun...)
I could probably do that - let's see what others think.
Well then, the Inaugural CF Monthly Meet is ON. :wav:

Let's meet at 2:30 PM at Mimi's Cafe. It has a big parking lot, so just park to an edge of it, as we have some CB antenna tuning to do as well.
@enjoi408, bring your CB radio/antenna and we can test its SWR with my meter, if your setup hasn't already been tested.

If we don't need food, perhaps we could take the kids to a nearby ice cream parlor afterwards.
I just got my CB radio last night. Need to get some replacement audio wires today to relocate the speaker. Trying to understand the power source. Uniden states "Uniden recommends connecting the power lead to the Ignition Switch
Accessory Terminal." I have no idea what this is but I assume its in the steering column. Once I figure this out, I might be able to wire it in tonight. Got the firestik yesterday with extra antenna coax cable. Anything else I'm missing?
My truck comes with two 12V power outlets on the dash; one is always hot, while the other is hot only when the key is switched to ACC (I think). Rather than dive into the steering column, just tap the hot wire that goes to the ACC-powered 12V outlet... or if you want your CB to always be on standby (key or no key), wire to the the always-hot 12V outlet - this is how I wired up my winch's power on/off switch, as I don't want to bother with inserting the key in the ignition when I'm winching stuff.
We can meet in the morning next month... and can alternate timing each time so that everyone gets to come out; hopefully our turnout will expand as time goes on.

I usually keep my SWR meter in the truck, so it's available to anyone who wants to take a reading.

Ham'sters, bring your ham radios tomorrow! I just got my call sign last night and am eager to try some simplex communications :)
We did it! jbumx2, enjoi408, and I met up this afternoon in San Mateo, and had a good time chatting first in the restaurant (as I wolfed down my sandwich), then out by our trucks.

We checked out my new bumper, jbumx2's CB antenna's state-of-tune with my SWR meter, enjoi408's antenna positioning, and finally his rig overall - he's got 6 inches of lift, and a really cool custom bumper - he really just needs a working CB, though he also has a ham radio/license.

We thought this a good first meeting, and would like to do it again, but on a Saturday (possibly AM) next time.

Let's tentatively make the next meeting date to be Saturday 7/23, 10 AM, at Mimi's again. Hopefully we'll meet more of you on that day.


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Sorry I missed out, I'm in for the next one!::smile::
Awesome! Or you can just come out to Bald Mtn. with us in two weeks :)
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