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Noob oil pressure gauge question

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Hey all,

Haven't had alot of experience with my Frontier, so I'm still learning and nervous about messing my truck up. I want this truck to be my last vehicle for a long time, so I want it really well maintained.

Anyway, I noticed the oil pressure gauge acting funny. The pressure shown didn't match what the engine was doing (i.e. dipping down to the point of almost no oil pressure, with the rpms staying in a normal range)

I think This Link has the answer to my question, but the symptoms aren't the same. I did check my oil before this happened, and it was where it should be on the dipstick. The oil was dirty (I bought it used, and haven't put 3000 miles on it yet). Is my oil pressure situation from dirty oil? Or from a faulty sender?
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You don't say what year you have but it seems consistent with the 2006+ Frontiers. The 2006 and up have idiot lights masquerading as a gauge.
if the gauge is dropping while the engine is running, but your oil is fine, I would say your having a sending unit failure.
I have a '05, they have true pressure gauges. While at a stop, the pressure will drop and RPMs are fine and remain at idle. When revving, the pressure will rise with the RPMs to a degree.

As long as you are somewhere between got some pressure and the top of the gauge, you should be fine. Be concerned when it shows 0 pressure and motor is running. Keep in mind though, some pressure is > than 0 pressure.

Based on this photo, that would be where mine is when driving down the road at non revved RPMs. At a stop light, it would dip to 1/2 distance to low part and upon acceleration or revving it would go to 1/2 distance to high side.

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Oops... Its a 2006 NISMO CC

And, I am leaning towards the sending unit being bad, and even though I am still in the warranty period, I don't want it to be a big and a time consuming fix.

Just trying to still figure out whats normal for the truck and what I should worry about lol
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