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Non OEM fog light install 2006 XE

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So after two days of work my new fogs are installed they look great.
No major fabrication involved we made some custom brackets out of 45 degree reinforcement brackets and used an existing hole in the bumper. Total cost involved was about $75.00 for everything brackets, lights, wiring misc. connectors.


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Here is the completed switch installation


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Nice... What color lights?
279... I don't have the "color" I would say cool blue, they are about the same as the headlights which are silverstars


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We found an existing hole in the bumper channel to fabricate some custom brackets (easy) to mount the lights to. I still have all of the measurements layed out on a sketch if anyone would like them. They were easy to make.
Just a drill , vise, and some bits.


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im thinking i should do that to my xe but i am not to sure i can do it myself....... but they do look nice....
Here are some more detailed shots of the inside of the bumper. We did use a little silicone at the top of the lamp to help to secure it. Also we tapped in to the parking lamp wire on the drivers side front for power so , the lights only work with the parking lamps on. Thanks to my Dad for his help and my neighbor Tom for all the trips to his house for stuff we didn't have.


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ATX... It wasn't too difficult, but the results are worth it.
Hardest part was coming up with a bracket.
Making it was easy
yeah i would like to do it i think the hardest is going to be with the wires since i dont know too much about electrical stuff
Yeah maybe but it is only three wires, maybe you can have buddy help you out.
well i might do it in the near future.......
Now I just need to find the thread with the pathfinder factory foglight switch.
nice thread. what size are those fog light? dimensions? where did you get them?
wow most stuff people do themselves doesn't turn out that flawless. The silverstars are freakin bright huh? Just bought them for my 98 xe 4x4... way better than stock.
Burn...How appropriate they are Burners from Wal-Mart, they are 3.5" approx. in diameter.

mic...See above..and thanks that is exactly what I am looking for

Race breed...Flawless..Thanls for the compliment.
Nice jobby there roktoy
them puppies aint gunna move in a hurry
When you said you tapped into your park lights for power, you were only meaning as the switch line to turn them on right?. I know it may seem a silly question but you did use a relay didnt you?
What info were you after concerning the indicator Stalk?maybe I can help out on that 1

There is no relay as they are not true "halogens". I tapped into the switched power at teh parking lights with a quick splice.

I am not going ot use the factory stalk..but for the pathfinder there is a foglight switch that fits the blanks on our dash to the left of the steering wheel I woould like that part number
Did you find that your truck was not pre-wired for fog lights from the factory? I heard or read somewhere that XE's were not pre-wired.

GK...Mine is prewired but I didn't want to mess with making it work with my Non-OEM foglights. The wiring is still there tucked up underneath the bumper
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