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Non Matic D fluid in T-case

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I'm looking for some replacement fluid for the transfer case. I know Matic D fluid is required, and I know Nissan says J, K, and S will work in D applications.

My question is, I found a fluid I really want to use, but it is only compatible with Matic S, K, and J. Because it works with those, is it safe to assume it's backwards compatible with D?
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Here you go
ENEOS is sold at NAPA I've run it almost 20k so far. I brought it in qt bottles but couldn't find it on their site though in qt size. Cant be positive but think with discount it ran $6 a quart

Just for reference the NAPA here in the Dallas area has a sale each month its the first sat in month is 30% off before 9 20% rest of day on all parts even special order you just got to pay shipping

Here their site
That with regards to thickness I do not know honestly I didn't notice a difference handling it between the 2 but Ill compare the specs. When I brought it I was @ Napa so it just made sense cause it said it was S fluid I even think I recall the Napa man saying they make it for them but I cannot confirm that but I've got almost 80 on mine with 20+ on that stuff
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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