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Non Matic D fluid in T-case

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I'm looking for some replacement fluid for the transfer case. I know Matic D fluid is required, and I know Nissan says J, K, and S will work in D applications.

My question is, I found a fluid I really want to use, but it is only compatible with Matic S, K, and J. Because it works with those, is it safe to assume it's backwards compatible with D?
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What fluid are you wanting to use?

***IF*** I can find it anywhere. No one lists it for sale online and no one seems to stock it.
Yes - that will work fine. Castrol and Valvoline also make full syn multi vehicle Jaso certified ATF compatable with all.
So far driving around to the various auto stores this is all I'm finding.

Where in the hell do you buy transmission fluid without ordering online? If I order online, I might as well go with amsoil.
Here you go
ENEOS is sold at NAPA I've run it almost 20k so far. I brought it in qt bottles but couldn't find it on their site though in qt size. Cant be positive but think with discount it ran $6 a quart

Just for reference the NAPA here in the Dallas area has a sale each month its the first sat in month is 30% off before 9 20% rest of day on all parts even special order you just got to pay shipping

Here their site
I've never heard of Eneos, but I did some research. Not a lot of info out there, but it's worth looking into. Napa here isn't very easy to get to as opposed to Autozone or O'reilly.

Eneos seems to be really REALLY thin (low viscosity) fluid. Isn't that a bad thing if it's too thin? I thought ATF was supposed to be able to stick to gears and cogs, not just slip right off.
I'm also seeing conflicting hearsay about Eneos and Castrol Transmax. I've been reading Castrol is THE provider of Nissan Matic fluid. Nissan just re-brands it. I'm also seeing Eneos is the ORIGINAL FROM THE FACTORY provider of ATF for Nissan. So which is it?
This is not a very critical fluid. The transfer case only uses the ATF as a lubricant and not a hydraulic fluid like in a AT. So any Matic D compatible ATF will work. Generally ATF comes in 2 flavors. Old school and light weight. Matic D is more of the old school variety. I forget if I used a redline or amsoil fluid in my TC. Swapped it in about 8 years ago (50K) and have had no issues.
Good information. I forgot that the TCase wasn't hydraulic.

Now if only I could find that Pennsoil ATF.i may just use valvoline machine since that's readily available and I can frequently change the fluid without worrying about ordering it online.
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