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Nomadic Mitch Here! with an 03 Frontier - She's ticking but I love her

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Hey Guys, I'm a coast-to-coast traveler. Left my job back east and came west to join in the medical marijuana business. It's been a hell of a ride, I'm happy to answer any questions about it. I've been learning mechanics on my own and driving around this SUV that I'm ready to slap a For Sale sign on. I'd love to get my newly purchased truck running right and put some memorable miles on it this summer by driving coast to coast to see my friends and settle in Vegas for football season.

So I bought my first truck, 2003 Nissan Frontier 3.3L V6 4WD for $1200. It was cheap, in great condition and wouldn't start. I w as hoping it was an electrical issue or a starter.

It ended up being the timing belt. I wouldn't have fix it, with the interference engine and all, but the seller said it just plain died when driving, he never got it started, and sold it to me. Until I heard it run, I didn't want to tear the heads apart, or replace the engine.

I got the timing belt fixed for $300 and it's running alright other than a noticeable tick in the engine. I posted a youtube video so you can hear it run. It's currently showing a P0430 Code as well. I'm feeling like I'll have to get a catalytic converter, but any bypass to pass an emissions test is ideal! I don't have much more to go on other than the thought of a bent valve, excessive valve lash, or another part related to the cam. It runs good, engine seems smooth, doesn't seem to be lacking power but I've never driven it before. Drove it 30 miles without any issues other than the ticking in the engine. Check out the video of it running here:
I'm in California, so I need the engine code cleared up before I take it for Smog Check. Otherwise, I have to drive 8 hours to Arizona to do it and avoid the emissions (Smog) check.

Hoping I can get it fixed up and running perfect. Super happy to own this truck and hope I can help others in the future with these posts. If it has to be that I should let her go, and try and get my money from the purchase & timing belt repair, I will do it, but man, I don't want to. :serious:
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