Item brand and model:
- tires: Nokian Nordman 5 SUV, 265-70-R16
- wheels: Nissan Pro4X 16" wheels

Location: Troy, NY. Willing to drive 1 hour to meet buyer.

- tires: excellent, see pics for tread depth, mounted and balanced, purchased new in fall 2016, less than 10k miles, stored in the garage in the summer mounted on wheels and off of the floor
- wheels: used, some rash, some clear coat damage, bought used from another forum member (trying to find more info...), no TPMS

Quantity: 4 wheels and tires

Asking price: $600 OBO

Shipping availability: No

Any defects or issues the buyer should be aware of: None

9/4/2022 Update: Given the concerns expressed about the age of the tires, the price has been reduced to $700. The date code on three of the tires is 0516 and the fourth is 1916 meaning that they were manufactured in in the 5th and 19th weeks of 2016. Early this year they hit the six year mark.

10/9/2022 Update:
Price reduced to $600!

The Nokian warranty page Nokian Tyres Limited Warranty / Nokian Tires , search for "Tire Aging", states:

To avoid tire failures caused by age degradation, Nokian Tyres recommends tires (including spares) be removed from service and replaced 10 years after their date of the manufacture, regardless of tread depth or usable condition.
The NHTSA Tires | NHTSA site, under the 'Should I Replace My Tires' drop down states:

As tires age, they are more prone to failure. Some vehicle and tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires that are six to 10 years old, regardless of treadwear. You can determine how old your tire is by looking on the sidewall for your DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN) . The last four digits of the TIN indicate the week and year the tire was made. If the TIN reads 0308 it was made in the third week of 2008. Look on both sides of the tire. The TIN may not be on both sides.