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NOAS membership march 2010

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Save your pennies, turn in your cans, put your junk on whatever you need to do to get an extra $24 for the month of March.

March 1st will mark the beginning of the annual membership drive for NOAS. Renewing member....returning members that were dead beats last year...all pay $24 in dues during March.

Your dues go towards stuff for you. .... door prizes...NOAS junk...NOAS food...

NOAS is an off-road club dedicated to Nissans and off-road adventures while taking the "tread lightly!" concept to heart. We respect the trails, as it is a privilege that we are able to enjoy and without taking care of it, we would lose it along with the great opportunities that it presents for our community. Everyone is welcome - we only have two requirements - you have to drive a Nissan and you must attend at least one of the NOAS sponsored events yearly!

We stay active in the 4x4 community providing four regular runs a year and several other unofficial small runs in-between. We also make an effort to get out and give our support in trail clean ups.

2010 NOAS Event Schedule

Gulches – TBD - Unofficial NOAS Run
Gulches Off*Road Vehicle Park
South Carolina

RiverRock – 9-11 April - Unofficial NOAS Run

Coal Creek – 14-16 May 2010 - Official NOAS Run

Harlan – 16-18 July 2010 - Official NOAS Run
Harlan County, Kentucky - Official Web Site - Welcome!

Callalantee – Toys for Tot’s Run –Aug 2010 (exact date TBD) - Unofficial NOAS Run
ATV Trails and Camping in Tennessee

Uwharrie – 8-10 Oct 2010 - Official NOAS Run
Uwharrie NF Recreation Guide
North Carolina

By "Official" I mean there will be t-shirts made, raffle for NOAS members, sponsors, etc. Non-members with Nissans can attend, but non-nissans will be limited.

Unofficial is just a free for all and any member can bring any friend with any vehicle they want. Its just an outing anyone who knows us can join us as long as they are a responsible wheeler.
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I been wanting to go down to the Gulches for a while. I just may have reup and do that with y'all. Any idea on target dates?
Hope on the NOAS forum. We are discussing the dates right now and would like a date that works for the members.
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