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Well, probably should have introduced myself sooner. Been lurking for awhile and even acted on some tips and advice I picked up here.
I own a 2005 NISMO and I loved it right up until died an agonizing death at the end of last summer. I've held on to the truck in hopes that I could replace the ruined engine (just under 200K). The transmission is only a few years old and I had literally just replaced the tires before it died (less than 100 miles on them).
I honestly believe the truck was murdered by the ineptitude of a local (non-Nissan) dealer's service department, but that kind of thing is hard to prove, so I'm stuck with a dead truck and they suffered from my very strongly worded admonitions on Facebook and other online outlets. I'm sure that is still stinging.
So here I am, introducing myself to this forum for little reason other than to ask what you think my otherwise awesome truck is worth with a shelled out engine.
Half the Blue Book value? Less?

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