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No Door Locks or Dome Light, HELP!!!

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I bought a 2002 the other day and the stealership didn't fix the door locks or dome light. Talked to them and found that the deal was an "AS IS" deal. So tucked my tail and decided to try to fix the problem myself. Started with buying the repair book from the local Autozone to get a quick view of the schematics and see what and where the wires were connected to. Seems, according to the schematics, that the dome light is branched off the door lock power. I then checked the wire on the back of the fuse panel to see if it might have been cut or tapped for an aftermarket stereo. No luck there. I then noticed an area that the wires go to called a smart computer, if I remember right. It looks like the interface that the remotes talk to when you use your keyless entry. I am wondering if this box is what is causing all my problems, as I can't seem to find a broken wire yet??? Anyone her ever have this problem or had to replace that computer????
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99.9999999% sure that its the fuse, it may not look blown, but it could be (take a multimeter to it, it should not read open)
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