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Alright so I am torn between these two tires. I bought the truck at 115k and put brand spanking new Nitto Terras on it. I just rolled over 180k this morning and my terras still have tread! UNBELIEVABLE. The only reason I am getting new tires is because I hunt ALOT and snow season is coming up and these tires are almost done. I could still run them if it was summer but not with these circumstances. I have loved my terras and know plenty about them. But does anyone have any insight on the Nitto Trails? I like the look of them and think they would handle mud a little better in the places I drive. But what is the lifetime of the tread on them? I am very proud of my terras and how long they have lasted. Just wanted some input on how long the trails would last if I invested in them. Thanks in advance!

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