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Nissan Prerunner Build

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i am going to build my frontier i think give your input


-new fiberwerx front clip and bedsides
-build my own arms, ti-rods
-shock mounts
-kings all the way around

here are pics or current truck


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you doing shock hoops in the front and an motor cage/brace, rear axle? and what are you doing for seats/roll cage
i race a 1600 car now it wont be a race truck by any means so no roll cage and yes to everything else will most likly do a different/wider rear end
nice.. I'm planning on running mezzanine arms on my 3 link so I don't have to run the shocks off the axle. I'm sure if you talk to my builder he can get an extra set cut when he dose mine.
i am planning on doing this with in two weeks if everything works out with my prep for my 1600 car for the the mint 400
cool check out my build in the build section the links are in my truck already.
If you build a set of uppers and lowers could you make some extras???

Sick looking truck too, im looking forward to seeing this one built!
sounds like a nice little prerunner plan for a already sick looking truck. that fiberwerx front clip will look sick too. subscribed.
Well if I can get enough people that want uppers and lowers 3" wider than I wNt to know and I will build like 5 sets and sell them
Welcome to the club its an addiction
Hey Frontier1695: I Like ur truck. What front bumper is that on it?
Hey Frontier1695: I Like ur truck. What front bumper is that on it?
sure it is custom.

How did you do in the mint?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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