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nissan nerf bars or aftermarket

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which ones look better,thinking about buyin a pair for me truck
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I went the aftermarket route. Slightly cheaper and I liked the look of the all black tubes I got better than the OEMs. My gallary has a pic or two of the ones I got. I paid less than $200 shipped from for the Aries Nerfs. I do not (nor will I ever) significantly off-road.

They are great, however, I broke one of the t-bolts installing it and Aries never returned my emails/call (buyer beware here). I was able to fab up a new one from parts at the local hardware store. Had no other problems except that the bolts provided in the kit rusted (bars and brackets themselves have not). Might pull the bolts at some point and replace with stainless hardware...or just remove the rust and paint em.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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