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Do you have a pic or a link of the devices you are asking about?

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It's a Nissan dealership diagnostic tool. Maybe there's a Nissan tech in the club who can comment.

From what I've read of the factory manual, this seems like a valuable tool.

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I know (the concept) of what a Nissan consult is but I thought they were outrageously expensive, (or the software is expensive, something like that) so I wanted to know what product is claiming compatibility for 20 bucks. I want it if there is such a thing! I'll try a search when I get home.

I have an elm obdii adapter but it only has limited functionality.

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I believe a lot of those $20-30 CONSULT tools are simply USB interfaces to allow one to connect their laptop to a 14-pin Nissan diagnostic port. The 14-pin, gray, diagnostic port started being used on the U12 Stanza and Z32 300ZX and eventually worked its way into the other Nissan models. For a while, starting around 1995, Nissan used both the CONSULT 14-pin connector and the standard OBDII diagnostic connector until around 2000, when they just went with just the OBD II connector. It seems that after you purchase the $20 interface for the laptop, you still need to purchase software in order to anything with it. Most of these are compatible with Windows XP operating systems and some will work on Windows 7, but I do not know if they'll work on Windows 8 or Windows 10. If you look at the AD above, you see it states,"Software included...some of them are not free and need to be purchased."
The first Nissan CONSULT was made with Canon (as in Canon cameras), who retained a lot of the software rights, from what I understand. It was the first, hand-held diagnostic scan tool. This was later replaced by the hand-held, CONSULT II and then the laptop-based, CONSULT III. These were available from Kent-Moore Tools for several thousand dollars and required a subscription or access to Nissan's ASIST in order to do ECM programming and some IMMU key registration.

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Does that come with software? If so there's no information on what OS it runs on. Actually zero information on it at all.
You must be looking at the mobile page. The PC page has all the info.

But yes, comes with software. And like SMJ said, WinXP is the listed OS so I expect it will work in Win10.

Keep in mind that this is a knock off so I'm not surprised that some items won't work. But what does work could prove to be useful.

In any case, $24 is pretty low risk so I went ahead and ordered one. We'll see. :)

Here's the info:
"Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface is a diagnostic and test tool for Nissan cars.Nissan Consult cable supplies Power from car battery over 14pin Consult Port of Nissan vehicles. It can check and clear the fault codes and adjust the timing and so on. Easy and low price tool for Nissan cars.

Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface


1. Language: English
2. Support System: Windows XP
3. Can't update

Nissan Consult Description:

1.Interface fitting for 14pin Consult Port of Nissan vehicles.
2.Heavy & robust casing for rough service use
3.Connects to PC via RS232
4.Powered from car battery over 14pin Consult Port of Nissan vehicles.
5.LED to control power and clock function

Nissan Consult Function:

1.Monitor and Log dozens of realtime parameters
2.Check and clear engine fault codes before going to an expensive auto shop
3.Adjust the timing and idle
4.Power balance testing
5.Reset the self-learn codes
6.Control idle air valves, relays (AC, fans, etc), timing
7.Diagnose customer vehicles on-site
8.Speed up troubleshooting of electronically monitored components
9.No software is supplied with this device

Nissan Consult Specification:

1.Software Include

(Note that some of them are not free and need to be purchased)
DDLreader: DDLreader v.15c / DDLreader v.16c
SRTalk v.1.0
ZCSetup v.2.0
ZTalk v.1.1
Nissan Data Scan v.1.4
Nissan Data Scan v.1.51

2.Workable Model

It works on all Nissan cars that have the grey 14pin Consult connector (you'll usually find it near the fusebox) (This cars are usually build from year 1989 to 2000) . Models such as: 300ZX, Z32, Maxima, 240SX, S13, S14, Skyline, SR20DE, SR20DET, RB20, Altima, Fairlady.

Nissan Consult Package List:

1pc x Nissan Consult interface
1pc x RS232 Cable
1pc x CD Drive

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Well what size is that cd? From the picture It looks like one of those miniature ones, how are you going to load that in your computer?
If you open the cd tray on your computer, you will see the smaller concentric circle where the smaller format cd fits... Most computers with CD drives support the small discs. Can be a little tricky if the drive is vertical though....

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you're going to be sorely disappointed if you believe this to be a clone replacement
for the Nissan Consult multiplexer. it is simply a carefully worded advertisement
for a serial-to-Nissan-port dongle, along with the necessary driver. you can
order these even cheaper through Alibaba (Chinese Ebay).

a casual glance of the photo in the Newegg ad shows a RS232 port. no modern PC
or laptop supports this. last time they did, we were using WinXP-ish opsys.

to gain diagnostic access you will still need ODB software interface which may or may not
come on the small 210mb CD. at best, after purchasing a few more extras you end up
only with basic OBD information and you will NOT gain editing capability to Nissan
proprietary sensors

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Yes, that is the risk. Which is why I asked in the first place. But since no one has apparently used one of these, I took that risk.

And what makes you think I have a modern laptop? :)

But I do already have a serial/USB adapter. I also have a couple of OBD programs so I will have some things to try.

Even if it turns out to just be a code reader, that will be fine, since I need one anyway.

As I said, we'll see.

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I keep a WinXP laptop around SOLELY for use with a similar set up for the car. :) Fortunately,
the chinese clone of the Mercedes multiplexer is a little more affordable but still about $500.
but it is super in that it interrogates with every sensor on the car and does 99% of what
the genuine MB diagnostic unit will do (at $2000+). considering that dealer is $100/hr, the
$500 investment was sound. I haven't used the dealer in almost 10 yrs.

p.s. Youtube has some footage of your soon-to-be adapter. it may provide you some insight.
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