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"Nissan Certified Pre-Owned"

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When I bought my '04 Crew Cab in '05 it was Nissan Certified and I opt'd to extend the coverage to 75,000. I paid $1,100 and I had to use it once to have a power steering hose replaced which would have cost me $250.

I just traded that truck and got an '06 Crew Cab that has 41,000 ticks on the clock right now. It is "Nissan Certified," but at the closing at the dealer I was told I could upgrade the warranty for $1,100 so that it was more than a powertrain coverage? I decided to NOT extend because my last investment wasn't worth it and I do have faith in Nissan brand (I realize I'm rolling the dice...) Under the "Nissan Certified Warranty" the example given was that at the current warranty, if the power window motor goes, it is not covered. Okay, but...

...My main question is, in the event of say, a timing chain issue occurs, is that covered because under this warranty covers the engine
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i used to sell nissans a few years back (05-07)

if it truely is a certified pre-owned nissan, it would have the 100000mile powertrain warrenty. what they probally tried to sell you was the 100000mile "wraparound" warrenty, which covers everything except wearable items (brakes, tires, belts, etc.)

the timing chain would be covered by powertrain warrenty. doublecheck with the dealer to make sure you really did get the certified preowned powertrain warrenty that goes 10 years/100000milles.

otherwise your covered untill 60000miles/5 years from first in service date.
thanks for the reply!

Wraparound - you are correct!!! That is the term she used.

I am Nissan Certified and it is 84 months/100,000 from the service date... which puts me at March 2013 or 100,000...

thanks for clearing that up!
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