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Nismo skid plates

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I am buying a 06 SE KC 4x4 with power and traction packages. I considered NISMO, but the only thing that SE doesn't have that I would like is the skid plate set. Does anyone sell those skid plates or are there better aftermarket ones?
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mike said:
dennisuello, The nismo comes with a is locking rear differential.
my jeep has lockers front and rear and that's what i use for serious offroad. nissan will be for daily driving and some desert exploration.
Is there a big demand for offroad armor parts for Frontiers? I have time/resources to make couple beefy prototypes. What seems to be the more vulnerable parts to protect, besides rocker panels (ShrockWorks make some awesome ones already.)?
StormNISMO said:
As soon as more lifts come out, I would say there will be! I'm waiting for some beefier aftermarket plates. The one I'm most concerned about is the rear diff, which is not a stock item. Other than that the main ones would be the front end, engine, transfer case and fuel tank.
What concerns you about rear axle. Is the Dana 44 cover standard or Nissan-specific? If it's generic size, then any D44 diff cover will fit. Blue Torch Fab($$), Crane($$), Warn($), etc.

I am looking for pictures of Dana 44 under Frontier to see if Nth degree mobility Slider will fit, cause that would very cool. It smoothes out the bottom of the diff, without reducing ground clearance and protects the driveline pinion u-joint.

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Nth degree slider will not work, due to different center chunk ribbing on the Nissan version.

If it hooks, just drag it, it's cast and very strong, i would only get a diff cover.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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