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Nismo skid plates

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I am buying a 06 SE KC 4x4 with power and traction packages. I considered NISMO, but the only thing that SE doesn't have that I would like is the skid plate set. Does anyone sell those skid plates or are there better aftermarket ones?
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the stock skids are definitely a one and done if hit hard enough. they will still offer protection for those light lay downs on rocks or scraping. i only installed a t-case skid and engine cover skid on my SE 4x4. mine already came with the front skid. i'm waiting for a company to fab some 3/16" steel armor for the whole underside.

find them here

shipping, for me in california, is $96 if you buy the t-case, engine cover and fuel tank skids. you will probably be better off ordering from your parts counter than online. they should even match prices.

questions...does the nismo come with all 4 skids? (front, engine, t-case, and fuel tank)
does anyone know of a company making rear diff skids? i thought i saw some but i dont remember where?
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dennisuello said:
Nth degree slider will not work, due to different center chunk ribbing on the Nissan version.

If it hooks, just drag it, it's cast and very strong, i would only get a diff cover.
what about skids like these?

i'd live to see someone fab a set like these. i'd be willing to purchase a pair or help you make it.
2k5nismo said:
I was going to order a full set after I get my lift and tires put on. I haven't called them yet but their website lists them as being available.
their prices seem pretty reasonable too. still not quite a complete set but better than the stock skids.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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