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NISMO/LE Audio Package question...

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I just purchased a 2005 4X4 NISMO King Cab Frontier and it came with the NISMO/LE Audio Package. This is the 6 speaker, 6 CD/MP3 player with the audia controls on the steering wheel. The saleman said it was the Rockford-Fosgate Stereo but there is nothing on the head unit or anywhere else that identifies it as such. Does any one know if it is in fac the R-F Head unit? When I look at the options sheet the R-F system is offered only in the Crew Cab model with 10 speakers and a sub woofer. My system says 6 speakers and nothing about a sub woofer (although the salesman claims it has one!). Thanks for the input/clarification!
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I noticed that when I was at the dealer! My head unit looks identical to your's minus the Rockford-Fosgate logo on the left side of the unit. Maybe the head unit is the same, but the speakers aren't the same. I definately don't have a sub under the jump seat in the back! Thanks for the info...

Now, where are all the KC NISMO Owners with the Audio Package to put my questions, doubts and concers to rest?
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