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New guy here from Western Wyoming. Bought a Frontier SV 4x4 back at the end of Feb. of this year. This my 2nd Nissan truck and my 3rd small truck. So far this thing rocks.
I have a question for those who tow travel trailers. I am looking at getting a Viking 17BH for family camping up here in the mountains of Wyoming. The trailer has a GVWR of 3626. I know my towing capacity is around 6100lbs I don't plan own towing that much. Also a full water tank will be towed and that would weight about 278lbs. I did tow a 19 foot Jayco Jayflight with it this weekend and it felt like I had a bunch of parachutes behind me. But the little frontier got it done. Any help or thoughts on this well be greatly appreciated.
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