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Newman Build

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First week home (Dec. 06):

Bug Guard, Red Brakes, Nismo Sport Decal's, Backup Lights, Exhaust, Intake (2008 )

Painted LE Wheels (Porsche Black Paint 4 coats black 3 coats clear)

EDIT: Forgot to include this one.
Some ******* threw a beer bottle out his window driving past me at 3 am. Combined speed was about 100mph.

Titan 18's, 1.5" Wheel Spacer, BullyDogGT

2 inch PRG Level Kit

Falken 285's (Current)

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Thanks guys, I'm pretty happy with it myself. And I didn't even notice the antenna until you said something... Not worth the extra money for a different one ;)

I would probably say that the truck is done. In a year or so I'll move on...
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