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Newer suspension setup...reocurring ujoint issues

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I upgraded my suspension last fall and replaced the u-joints at the same time. Since nissan uses crappy u-joints they needed to be replaced. I added new leaf spring kit in rear and radflows in front. The u-joints I added were greaseable. Did it every oil change or so which is more than enough for greasing. Now 7 months later one of the replaced u-joints is bad. Would the setup of the suspension make or increase the life of the u-joint to go bad this quickly. I am replacing them with warranteed u-joints from Autozone. Is there anything I can do to help the wear on them? It is the rear driveshaft also. Thanks.
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If you have a gnarly angle on your pinion the u-joints will never last. So, if you lifted the rear more then 3" or so you will want to check out the pinion angle.
It is caused by the distance increasing from where your tranny mounts to where your axle is now located in relation. Because your axle now sits lower in relation to the trany it results in a steeper angle in the driveline. You can get an angled pinion shim to correct it if that is in fact what the problem is.

Basically you can buy a package of what looks like rear lift blocks cut at an angle; there will typically be 3 to a package that can adjust from .5 to 2* if I remember correctly.

Do you have any pictures of your pinion and drive shaft angle currently? It may not even be that...but just the first thing I could think of since you mentioned you had lifted the truck. I should be able to give you an idea if your pinion angle seems to be drastic enough to cause the issue if you can snap a picture.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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