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Newer suspension setup...reocurring ujoint issues

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I upgraded my suspension last fall and replaced the u-joints at the same time. Since nissan uses crappy u-joints they needed to be replaced. I added new leaf spring kit in rear and radflows in front. The u-joints I added were greaseable. Did it every oil change or so which is more than enough for greasing. Now 7 months later one of the replaced u-joints is bad. Would the setup of the suspension make or increase the life of the u-joint to go bad this quickly. I am replacing them with warranteed u-joints from Autozone. Is there anything I can do to help the wear on them? It is the rear driveshaft also. Thanks.
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2wd or 4wd?

Like TO stated, if your pinion angle isn't straight with driveshaft, it will cause extra stress on the U-joints. If it is the rear U-joints, then you can use a pinion shim to change slightly rotate your rear axle to help fix the angle.

If it is the front, then idk since the diff is pretty much locked in place and when you lift it, it is the CVs that get fubared, not the U-joints.
I would start with the pinion shim and replace the rear joint. You could also replace the xfer joint too on the Dshaft to be safe since it will be wearing out too but you don't have to if you are willing to replace it when it eventually fails too.
I would suggest that you find how far out from 90deg the DS is compared to the pinion/yoke flange.

You could also do a bunch of trig to figure it out or measure a stock frontier on a dealers lot and make your angles similar. Heck, there may also be an online calculator that you just enter numbers into.

If all else fails, then just guess and check and find what works for you.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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