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Newer suspension setup...reocurring ujoint issues

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I upgraded my suspension last fall and replaced the u-joints at the same time. Since nissan uses crappy u-joints they needed to be replaced. I added new leaf spring kit in rear and radflows in front. The u-joints I added were greaseable. Did it every oil change or so which is more than enough for greasing. Now 7 months later one of the replaced u-joints is bad. Would the setup of the suspension make or increase the life of the u-joint to go bad this quickly. I am replacing them with warranteed u-joints from Autozone. Is there anything I can do to help the wear on them? It is the rear driveshaft also. Thanks.
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How can I correct?

How can I correct this? If I even the front off with the rear, would that help at all or nothing to do with what you are talking about.
Duralast from Autozone...

I did keep the load leaf on for more payload which is excellent except for the u-joints. The rear is definitely higher than the front. Real noticeable. I will take a snapshot when I get a change and place it on here. Thanks for all the input, gents. Only one u-joint is making the awful noise it didnt when I replaced all four of them in the fall. The rear one on the rear shaft.
Figuring out angles...

How do I figure out what size shim I need? Or figure out the angle that it is off by.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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